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Everybody's Oma Official Trailer

Everybody's Oma Official Trailer

Everybody's Oma

Observational documentary   |  1h 33 min  |  2022 

Filmmaker Jason van Genderen is obsessed with making home videos about his elderly mother and, when he creates a supermarket at home during lockdown, he accidentally turns ‘Oma’ into an internet celebrity. Their heartwarming home movies quickly attract a worldwide audience of over 100,000,000 people. This is an unforgettable story of a family that comes together whilst beautifully falling apart.

Director: Jason van Genderen

Producers: Roslyn Walker, Olivia Olley, Jason van Genderen

Executive Producer: Gavin Banks

Australian Distributor: Bonsai Films

Audio language: English        
Subtitles language: English

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